Friday, September 12, 2008

Jordan and Michael's wedding

These two are awesome. It's hard to forget a name when on the first meeting they introduce themselves and say, "Just remember, Michael Jordan." Their wedding was so classic and elegant. She was pristine in a Vera Wang gown and he looked so classically handsome. The wedding was held at the First Presbyterian Church in Panama City and the reception was at the Visual Arts Center. It was cool, modern, industrial, and very chic. Larry Paul Catering did a fabulous job with the flowers and the food. The coolest part was when Jordan's brother caught the garter and his girlfriend caught the bouquet. We all know the tradition, right? The guy who gets the garter has to put it on the gal that caught the bouquet. Well, in the process of this great tradition, he got down on one knee and proposed!!! How exciting! And we got it all on camera so that she could relive the moment over and over again. It was all very sneakingly planned by Jordan's family. What an awesome bride to share her amazing and special day with her brother and his, now, fiance. Boys, learn from this and make some plans to capture your popping the question on camera. *wink* It was great and we had such a wonderful time. We wish you guys all the best. Here are our favorites.


pure7studios said...

Wow, I love that dress she changed into to leave the reception. Looks like a fun wedding. Great job guys! :) erica

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