Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Shannon and Joe's wedding

There are just some people that are oozing with love for each other and these two were like that. Shannon and Joe were kind, loving, very soft spoken, and so in love. They were so sweet to us and their wedding was so intimate. Their ceremony and reception were in traditional Hawaiian style and held at A Highland House which is so quaint and cozy. Tammy's amazing team at The Eventful Planner did such a fantastic job planning and coordinating the entire thing. Check them out. They are awesome. Bella Flora did the flowers. Margie and her team never cease to amaze me. Here are some of our favorites.

Alice and Max Engagement

These two had done this before. It's so easy to just take photos of people who know how to work it. Alys Beach is always amazing. No matter how many times I shoot there, I never get tired of it. Here are a couple that I loved. Hopefully you guys like them too.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Chincarini engagement

Seaside is such a unique place to shoot at. We shoot there a lot and sometimes it can be hard to get some new and unique locations, but this shoot was totally different. I love this engagement session. They were a little shy at first. But we got some amazing shot and some drinks they were ready to go. Ha ha. That's usually how it works. If you're ever nervous about a shoot, just have a glass of wine or a nice cold beer and you're good! Just one though. We don't want you guys looking dazed. Okay, I'll stop now and just post some photos before I get into trouble. Here are my absolute favorites.

Lalainya and Steven

It's not often we get to photograph a local wedding. Lalainya and Steven are from good ole Fort Walton Beach and they are an awesome and beautiful couple. Here are some of our favorite shots.